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About Hair Fellas

Hair Fellas is the vision of an Ottawa barber who wanted to bring the professionalism of old-fashioned barbershops to the modern age. With two locations, one in the electric and vibrant neighbourhood of Wellington West in Ottawa and another in the downtown core, Hairfellas specializes in Hot Towel Straight Razor Shaves, Flattops, Fades, High & Tights - and every type of Gentlemen cut. Our Barbers specialize in personalized one-on-one care for all of our clients - we get that its hard for a guy to feel comfortable in a lady spa - that's why our Barbershop is intended for every man. Come to Hair Fellas for a first class service in a high class setting - we even stock a wide variety of products from Clubmen, American Crew, and Lucky Tiger Products..

Barber Cut $28 Beard Trim - Regular $15
Barber Cut and Beard Trim $40 Beard Trim - Full $20
Boys Cut $20 Fellas Shave $25
Head Shave $32 Fellas Traditional Shave $45
Shampoo $10 Neck Shave $15

The Team

Meet our Barbers

Meet our family of multi-skilled Barbers at Hairfellas Barbershop. We strive for nothing less than high quality services and memorable experiences. Let our passions transform and give you the confidence of a well groomed individual while sharing a laugh and building friendships!

  • Annely

  • Levantino

  • Bekkir

  • Natalie

  • Carlos

  • Nathalie

  • Joy

  • Danny

  • Sonia

  • Khalil

  • Karen

  • Mohamed

  • Jessica

  • Patrick

Hairfellas School of Barbers

To Book your free student Barber cut or Shave here.

If you are an aspiring Barber and you are looking for structured and complex training then look no further! For enrolment or for a campus tour please contact natalie@hairfellas.com

We are pleased to announce the opening of Ottawa's first Barber training centre.

"What will set apart Hairfellas School of Barbers from other training programs in Ottawa?"

Students will notice the difference the minute they walk in the door. Hairfellas School of Barbers is a structured academic based program. Traditionally what was found in Ottawa was what is called "in house" training meaning students were trained to work specifically for that barbershop. Often times those environments were made to feel "pressured" or "trapped". Where we differ is that once our students have successfully completed the curriculum they have the freedom to apply and work wherever they choose. We find this method a much better environment for learning. We are training barbers for the better of the trade and not just for our advantage. For details about our program please read below.

Program Overview

Learn to become a professional Barber at Hairfellas School of Barbers. With each Module you will learn the skills to develop your techniques and be confident in the Art of Barbering.

No previous experience necessary.

Tuition: Total program cost: $1000.00 (payment plan available) which includes a deposit of $250.00 to secure seat.

Tools: Not included, but recommendations available

Weekly: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (10am - 4pm)

Certification: Final written exam and certificate of completion after 2 months (4 modules combined).

MODULE 1: Theory

  • History of Barbering.
  • Properties of the hair.
  • Viruses and scalp conditions.
  • Myths and facts about hair.
  • Customer service.
  • Sanitation & Health Board
  • Tool recommendations, care and maintenance.

MODULE 2: Basic Level

  • Clipper and scissor techniques.
  • Basic cuts.
  • Styling hair.
  • Hands on practice with teacher guidance.

MODULE 3: Intermediate Level

  • Medium difficulty cuts.
  • Beard trims.
  • The basic Art of Straight Razor shaving.
  • Hands on practice with teacher guidance.

MODULE 4: Advanced Level

  • High difficulty haircuts such as Skin Fades and Long hair.
  • Beard trims with razor lineups.
  • The advanced Art of Straight Razor shaving.

End of program: Barbering certificate (No licence or hours required to work in the field)


Natalie Facette


With our program you will leave with the following skills set to start your career:

  • Theory on hair, its properties, how and why it behaves as such and setting straight myths vs facts.
  • Tools, maintenance and styles for every type of barber. Choosing what works for you.
  • Professionalism and good work ethics.
  • The art of beard shaping.
  • All types of haircuts. From buzz cuts, regular basic cuts, side parts vs undercuts, many types of fades and long hair cuts.
  • The art of straight razor shaving. Knowing what type of shave is best for your clients skin sensitivity and how to make their experience memorable.

Hairfellas would like to thank all of our amazing clients for their continuing support. We look forward to growing along side this wonderful community.

Location: 1292 Wellington St W. (near Hairfellas Barbershop)