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We are pleased to announce the opening of Ottawa’s first Barber training centre. The Hairfellas School offers a structured and comprehensive training program for aspiring barbers with little to no experience. For enrolment or to take a campus tour please contact our instructor Natalie Facette via

“What will set apart Hairfellas School of Barbers from other training programs in Ottawa?”

Before Hairfellas, older training models were based upon what is called ‘in-house’ training. This meant that students were trained and contracted to work for that specific barbershop. As a result, training programs became constraining environments not conducive to learning. The opposite is true at the Hairfellas School of Barbers where we train students for the better of the trade and not simply for our advantage. Students who have successfully completed the curriculum will have the freedom to apply and work wherever they choose. For details about our program please read below.

Learn the trade and how to become a professional barber at Hairfellas School of Barbers. Each module is structured so that students will gain the skills along with developing techniques and confidence in the Art of Barbering.

No previous experience necessary.

Tuition: Total program cost: $1000.00 (payment plan available) which includes a deposit of $250.00 to secure seat.

Tools: Not included, but recommendations available

Weekly: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (10am – 4pm)

Certification: Final written exam and certificate of completion after 2 months (4 modules combined).

Location: 1292 Wellington St W. (near Hairfellas Barbershop)